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Mobile Home Blue Book

Mobile Home Blue Book

Feb 6, 2023

Kelley Blue Book Mobile Home Value Free

When people hear "Blue Book" they automatically associate it with Kelley Blue Book. However, a blue book (or bluebook) is just an almanac, buyer's guide or other compilation of statistics and information. However, Kelley Blue Book has obviously grabbed the market for pricing vehicles and is the most recognized "Blue Book" in the USA.

There are a many people who want to know the market value of their mobile home. However, Kelley Blue Book specializes in giving valuations for cars, trucks, SUVs, and other transportation vehicles. So, what do you do if you were hoping check Kelley Blue Book for the value of your mobile home?

How To Discover Your Manufactured Home Value

Since there is no Kelley Blue Book report for manufactured homes, you'll need to understand the local market and do your own research to find your manufactured home value. You can perform amateur market surveys. Compare properties on Craigslist and Facebook. How much are mobile homes in your area? What will it take for yours to sell? What is the average price for a mobile home sale?

Mobile homes come in all shapes, sizes, years and conditions.

There are other ways to find your mobile home's value. NADA Mobile Home value reports are industry standards that may provide the best possible data, but the report will cost you $50. They also provide a mobile home value and new home price report that can give you an approximate book value. You can go to the NADA website to learn more.

You can also go to a bank and see if they will provide the NADA manufactured home guide for free. Chattel Mortgages or JCF lending companies offer NADA guides to current clients. Local banking providers might get the information and they may offer help if you are a customer. Ask for mobile home values, used home value report, or a new home price report.

Can A Real Estate Agent Help?

A real estate agent or a Realtor may be able to help you determine the value of a mobile home or manufactured homes. But it is unlikely. In most cases, real estate agents have no idea how to price mobile homes since they deal mostly with traditional housing in the real estate market. While this may be worth a shot, don't be surprised if the realtor turns you away, especially if you are selling your mobile home without land or selling run down manufactured homes.

There are so many factors that affect mobile home values. The age, condition, bedrooms and size all come into play. Different manufacturers like Fleetwood or Clayton Homes can also be a factor. It can be difficult to know where to begin when selling a manufactured home or determining manufactured home values. Try to start by finding a basic report on your home from the NADA or try out our MHBB price tool.

National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Manufactured Home Appraisal Guide

The equivalent to the Kelley Blue Book mobile housing is NADA manufactured housing appraisal guides. This publication was created by National Appraising Guide Inc. – subsidiary J.D. Power and is based on vast research conducted by NADA.

The NADA Guide has a lot of useful information similar to a blue book value for manufactured homes. It is possible to buy mobile home values information for varying prices according to the National Agency for National Development. Each product was designed to meet different types of consumers. You should definitely check them out if you are looking for approximate value, an in depth value report, or manufactured home values.

Do I Need My Mobile Home's Title?

All manufactured homes come with a title. This proves ownership. It is critical when selling manufactured homes to have the title. What do you do if you lost your title? What if you never got a title? What if you bought the land and the mobile home was there without a title?

Sample Certificate of Title for a Mobile Home

There are so many things that can cause someone to lose their manufactured homes title. That's where the DMV comes in. Go to the DMV and talk to an agent. They can't provide a blue book price, market value, or a used home value report, but they can help you resolve title issues.

Selling a Mobile Home Wholesale

It can take a lot of effort to find a service to sell your mobile home. Often people prefer to advertise on their own by using social networking tools like Facebook or Craigslist. Wholesaling is selling a mobile home to cash buyers who can pay for and move the manufactured house. Wholesaling enables the selling of your mobile home at a lower cost to you and at much lower prices to the end buyer. It also tends to be a smoother and faster process but the wholesale price is lower. This can sometimes be the most cost effective solution since your home's interior and other factors won't have to be upgraded.

Retail Mobile Home Values

Selling a home yourself requires either calling or registering the home yourself and presenting the home and the property to a real estate agent. Similar to selling homes, the seller sets out prices, accepts the offers of potential buyers and eventually makes the purchase. You make all the profits so you get maximum selling value. Like a sale, a mobile home requires that you determine the prices of the manufactured home first.

Here at MHBB, you get an instant cash offer for free. The analysis was generated from our comprehensive mobile property database. Our research team uses this information for a comparative analysis of year, condition, size, similar homes, manufacturer name, and demand in the area.

Fix up your mobile home if you want to receive maximum value for it.

There is, of course, a big difference between a new and used home values. Manufactured homes lose value over time if not taken care of. Condition is, of course, a very important factor. Used mobile homes are much less expensive than new ones. A 5- to 10-year old mobile house has a much lower value than a brand new one.

Wouldn't it be nice to ask questions like "how much is a 1999 Fleetwood worth" and get an actual answer about the value of your mobile home? Well, that is what we set out to do. However, this is not necessarily the market value of your mobile home, it is a cash offer from us to buy your mobile home.

Value Add Opportunities For Your Mobile Home

If you want the possibility of selling a mobile home for the most value, attach the house to your own land using concrete and put more money into curb appeal and home features. De-title it and register the property for sale. Certainly it will involve some more work and money, but the value of this property will increase significantly and they typically sell faster.

Mobile homes attached to land have higher valuations than when sold alone and needing to be moved.

Your home may have some home features that increase its total worth. Energy-saving appliances can be sold for additional value due to the convenience of its consumers. Central heating and air is a big one as well as square footage, new flooring, unique characteristics, water heater, and more. A quick clean-up is a great way to give a buyer more freedom to sell a property while also improving living conditions and increase the asking price.

Mobile Home Appraisals as Real Property or Personal Property

Mobile homes built on a foundation can be considered real estate and typically have higher values unless they have a permanently fixed foundation or other structural structure. Mobile homes without underlying foundations are considered personal property.

Mobile house appraisals involve a thorough inspection of both interiors of the property and compare their values to similar properties that were recently purchased. The measurement will give you the best idea of how much your mobile home is worth.

Whether a mobile home is in a park or not can also affect the value.

Other things that can negatively impact your manufacturing house's value include the system that has been installed. These are equipment such as heating and cooling systems, water heaters. Missing items or lacks in maintenance can cause some damage. Installation such as plumbing must be considered. It should work like anticipated and its visible components should have good conditions.

Other Mobile Home Questions:

What Is The Market Value Of My Mobile Home?

As mentioned above, price depends on many factors. Fill out our cash offer tool to get a report and see what we would offer on your mobile home. Our mobile home blue book price tool allows you to get a cash offer instantly.

How Many Years Should a Mobile Home Last?

Mobile homes depreciate. A survey from the Manufactured Housing Institute estimated that an occupied manufactured residence has an average lifespan of 55.9 years. When maintained well, manufactured houses have an excellent lifetime expectancy which may last much longer than that.

What Is The Cost Approach For Manufactured Home Appraisal?

The cost approach prices in the direct cost to build the home. Applicants have to submit an assessment to an appraiser.

Do Manufactured Homes Ever Appreciate In Value?

Mobile homes tend to be much cheaper than a traditional single-family home. Mobile homes were also rated nationally at the same value as single homes in five-year terms between 2016 and 2022. They depreciate in value and have less value when not de-titled and on a piece of property as the get more run down.

What If My Mobile Home Is In A Mobile Home Park

The mobile home parks you live in can affect their value individually. Location and its surroundings are key factors here. Does the Internet work? Are people interested in living here? Does the park provide additional facilities or pools? These will all factor into your valuation.

The nicer the park, the higher your mobile home valuation.

How Do I Find Out What Year and Model My Mobile Home Is?

Label numbers can be spotted on the data plates of a home in any of three places. A data sheet shows the U.S. geography to let consumers know what wind zones, snow loads and roof loads were used for construction. You should check your title and VIN number for more info.

What Is The Oldest Mobile Home That Can Be Moved?

List of Old Manufactured Homes? Under HUD regulations, if your house hasn't been constructed before 1975, it can not meet current safety requirements. You should check your local DMV for info on your county and whether or not you can move or sell your mobile home.

What Is The Average Useful Life Of a Mobile Home?

What is the maximum time for mobile homes? Mobile Homes are able to last as long as any other traditional home and should be kept up and maintained through regular maintenance and repairs. This will extend the life of your manufactured home.

How Do I Estimate The Value Of My Manufactured Home?

Check out your NADA report or our cash offer tool for a book value ballpark figure. Manufactured home must be similar in size, age, condition and land area. The odds are that there will not be a match.

What Is The Blue Book On A Manufactured Home?

There is no blue book book value for manufactured homes. Blue books list a broad list of consumer goods of varying quality and provide pricing information. A blue book is a value report, typically for vehicles.

What Is The R Value Of a manufactured home?

Each manufactured home has different standard insulation values according to the manufacturer and series. The typical floor standards are R-11 - minimum standard and R-19 with 2 inch x 6 inch sides, and the roof standards are R22.ers.

Real Estate vs. Property

Since it was manufactured elsewhere, mobile homes are mobile. These vehicles carry a similar kind of title deed. These can be technically called personal goods. A stick built home is in fact a property.

Anything that you could carry around with your hands is yours. Stick built houses that can't be moved are real property.

Anything that you could carry around with your hands or even in your car is yours.

Marketing Your Property Through Self Marketing

If you want your mobile home promoted without professional help you must do all appraisal work and marketing yourself. We recommend Facebook and Craiglist for listing your mobile home for sale. Show your value report if you have one and check out other real estate in the area to see what they are doing.

Millions of people in the USA live in mobile homes.