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Do You Know How Much Your Manufactured Home is Worth? | Mobile Home Blue Book

Do You Know How Much Your Manufactured Home is Worth? | Mobile Home Blue Book

Feb 15, 2023

Are you selling a mobile home? Or maybe you are just interested in the value of your manufactured or mobile homes. It is important to know your mobile homes value for maximum benefit. There are so many things to consider across the spectrum of real estate. In most cases, it is much easier to appraise a stick built home than a mobile home. Mobile homes aren't traditional real estate assets so you have to do some digging to find estimates on double wide or single wide homes.

This article provides information on how to influence the price of your manufactured home. What are the prices of manufactured homes? The overall market value of a manufactured home may depend upon a variety of things. Our goal is to cover the variables affecting your mobile home's value to help you determine its value or get a close estimate on similar homes.

Is There a Kelley Blue Book for My Mobile Home?

Initially, people used the Kelley Blue Book in their auto buying guidebook. Some have also started to use Kelley Bluebooks as alternative products in other products such as mobile homes. NADA's book values are used to calculate mobile home prices. It is easy to fill out valuation reports for mobile properties to find their worth with a NADA guide.

It does cost $30-$50. In the case of an expensive manufactured home, for an inexpensive fee you can obtain an estimate of cost. Most people complete an annual report to get an overview of their mobile home. We, of course, recommend that you try out first.

How Much Is My Manufactured Home Worth?

The best way to assess the value of a mobile home is to determine the value. If you want to buy a house or get a loan, getting a good price estimate is essential. It will make you feel good about buying your own house and help you get the best value. It is a great time to learn more about mobile homes and what they are worth. This article helps you figure out what factors affect manufactured home costs.

Check out NADA for a new home price report based on comparative market analysis. This is a great place to start when looking to find out your home value, book value, or general questions around the value of your home.

Age of the Home

The age of the manufactured home is obviously a big factor and the first thing we ask about at The biggest factor of all may be regarding manufactured homes built before 1976 or built after 1976.

Why does that matter? August 15th 1976 marks the first day of implementing the HUD code program. This code and all subsequent revisions will ensure the improvement in construction practices that guarantee the durability of homes and their value. In other words, manufactured homes built before 1976 are almost impossible to move which reduces the mobile home value drastically.

Condition of the Mobile Home

The condition of manufactured homes, second to the age, is probably the biggest factor effecting manufactured home value. We rate manufactured home appraisals off of 3 conditions: poor, fair, and good. Check out our pricing tool for more.

Size of the Mobile Home

How your mobile home is also determines its value. In terms of size, larger doublewide homes have higher prices than single-wides. Most mobile home values estimation documents request width or length of the mobile home.

Most loan companies require that a typical residential manufactured house's maximum size should be at least 400 sq. ft. For cash buyers this is not an issue. In the end, more square footage equals more money and increases the approximate value of your home.

Better Understand Your Mobile Home Value

Owners who want to upgrade their mobile home often need information regarding its value. Unfortunately you can't find a reliable number through a simple search. The true values of a mobile home are determined through many variables as discussed above. However, we do give you an instant cash offer at so that's a great place to start.

Location of the Mobile Home

The location of your home can determine their value in many ways. This varies between states. The value of the home when placed on an existing lot is greater compared to the value if sitting on a mobile home park. Different locations are preferred by the buyers.

Mobile homes in a relatively safe area are going to be more valuable to the buyer than less stable areas. If the location of the mobile homes is outside crowded mobile park areas, there may be some choices that determine the decision of the purchaser regarding purchase price.

Current Housing Market Conditions

The location is important for considering the current market trends. In Texas and Florida, the housing bubble is hot right now. It is therefore possible that the price of products will rise substantially over its true values. Being informed of current events such as these will give you options for selling a residence in times of unusually high demand and get your full home's worth.

Appraisal Vs. Book Value

In manufacturing houses the value of a property is measured using two ways. The first is the valuation taking into account the property and the home and it reflects everything which is discussed in this article. It is typically done by assessing information in multiple ways.

The second type of home valuations for manufactured housing is book value. Book value calculations are done like cars and are calculated using an algorithm. It uses the design and construction of homes, their size and improvements and their ages to determine their price with and without a lot of land. Check out for more.

Upgrading Your Mobile Home's Appliances

Any appliances on a manufactured home may increase its worth. If you buy upgraded, energy-efficient appliances you could sell the home for more. A simple touch-up could make a homeowner have more freedom for sale and increase buyer satisfaction.

Condition of the Manufactured Home

The overall condition of the house determines the home's value. Of course, the principal systems are most important: roof, heating and air conditioning. These are some of the first things to look at to evaluate a mobile home's value.

Because all properties are unique they cannot be answered without a careful analysis. Another factor that many overlook is the property tax statement. Are the taxes up to date? Or will there be a surprise for the buyer?

Special Amenities

Mobile homes have increased considerably since 1976. About 20% of American households live in mobile homes in parks. It is a large factor in the economy. As mobile homes become a reality, innovation and entropy have only become inevitable.

Since Mobile Homes are manufactured modularly in the typical factory environment, new features can often be added to models, or they can also be made with alternative plans. This can increase the home's value.

Of course, to find the mobile home worth you have to see what people are willing to pay for it. The value of your mobile home is whatever someone is willing to pay.

How Fast Do Mobile Homes Depreciate?

Value decreases annually if an asset depreciates from 1% to 3%. This rate can vary if upgrading or enhancing mobile homes to improve their condition are required. Unless the property owners own the property, they place the property value decreases faster as compared to those who own the land under the mobile home. Of course factors like keeping up the home's interior help to maintain high value.

Here Are Just Some of the Features That Could Increase Your Mobile Home Worth

Make sure to keep your home value high by maintaining the condition of your home. This would include things like the roof and flooring and central heating and air. Of course, broken windows, broken walls and other items will cause your home to have less value. If you want to get a higher value for your home, the condition of the home is extremely important.

Mobile Home Park

If you're in a mobile home park or looking at homes in mobile home parks, this can also affect your property value. The cost of moving a mobile home is prohibitively high especially in cases where moving a house might mean losing the opportunity for a loan permanently.

Because mobile homes are not mobile in many senses, there are some problems with having the house moved. But anyone buying the home must also enter the mobile park if it is not moved. The fact of living in an excellent park where the grounds are tended is a big plus and can have a huge impact on your true value.

Additional Features in Your Mobile Home

Different mobile home features in your home will help in determining the worth of your property. Whether the exterior is damaged by leaking roofs, damaged siding, a broken door step or window, will greatly effect the mobile home worth.

A painting project can increase curb appeal as well as help your property sell faster. Adding fixtures to your home can increase its value as well.

How Much is My Mobile Home Worth?

What is the best way to calculate your house value? When buying a mobile home it is important that a person knows what its value is as well as what the potential cost will be. Mobile home prices are usually determined by default features, custom adjustments, and environmental conditions. While you can easily observe certain aspects, you can use NADA's guidelines to determine the value of a mobile home.

How Can I Increase the Value of my Mobile Home?

There are several ways to increase mobile home value. Generally, mobile homes are more valuable compared to newer housing. However, they could increase with the addition or upgrading of the features that a home owner can incorporate into their home to provide an even greater return on investments. Take time to look at the things in your house. Sometimes the costs of upgrading can never be included in a sale price.

In Person Appraisal

Those who prefer appraisal services can request an appraisal from an independent appraisal firm. Check with a local real estate agent if you need some suggestions for appraisal services. Interested buyers should talk to an experienced property developer who has extensive experience evaluating manufactured properties in this market. The real estate professional will make a more cost-effective assessment of each square foot. To eliminate this fee and save your cash, check out first to get an estimated value of your mobile home.

Mobile Home Appraisals as Real Property or Personal Property

Mobile homes with permanent fixtures on their foundation are eligible for valuations and are typically worth more. If this is the case with your home, make sure to ask a real estate agent to give you an estimate. Mobile homes without permanent support on foundations can be classified as personal assets and are therefore considered real estate. Property valuation for mobile homes includes inspection on both interior and exterior properties and comparisons of values of other homes have been performed before.

Other Factors

The valuation of a mobile home is not always very easy. Factors effecting your home's worth include location, land, buyers, neighborhood quality, mobile home time, space, where it is located, and what other homes have sold for in your area.

To help you avoid a lot of these factors of selling, we created mobile home blue book. Answer a few simple questions and get a cash offer. We base our offer on similar homes and what they sell for in your market.

When determining a cash offer, we will look at the condition or quality of your home and where it is located. Then, SOLD to us. We ask a few simple questions around mobile home type and where you are located to determine the market value and how much we can buy or sell it for.